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About Sway's & SwayLand

I am Sway Dench, designer and owner of Sway's and SwayLand.
I'm an Avatar in Second Life, a 3D online virtual world developed by Linden Lab.

Rezzed (born) in 2007 and started building and creating virtual items I sold in a small shop. In february 2008, appeared a virtual island from the sea, SwayLand! It was my new home and the real start of Sway's.
The assortment at Sway's is Home, Garden and Hobby items as furniture, all kind of decoration, cute plushies called 'Cookie Bears' for any occasion and much more.

SwayLand is also the home of my very talented friends, Noni from nonino and Cross from Zacca.
But it is not just a shopping place, it is a place to enjoy and relax...
Come on over and have a look. Discover all the nice and beautiful spots at the sim.

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